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Maxium Silencers

Maxim Engine Exhaust Silencers and Accessories

Maxim Silencers is a complete supplier of reliable, cost effective, solutions for engine exhaust silencers, engine emissions control systems, and accessories for power generation, stationary industrial engines, marine engines and generator sets, oil and gas industry, mobile equipment applications, and other industries requiring long lasting dependable silencers.

Maxim offers chamber type cylindrical silencers, low profile pancake silencers, spark arresting silencers in both carbon steel or stainless steel. They also oxidation catalyst emission control systems for both diesel and natural gas engines.

Maxim accessories include flexible exhaust connectors, WYE exhaust connectors, wall and roof thimbles, exhaust piping and elbows, and rain caps.

Maxim also offers specialized products for engine exhaust heat recovery and silencers for vent and blower applications.

mecc alte

mecc alte

Mecc Alte is a worldwide group offering world-class AC generators. North American facilities are located in McHenry, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) providing quick shipment to all parts of the country.

  • 4-pole, 1800 rpm, AC generators from 5 kW to 2,500 kW
  • UL listed generators
  • 2-pole, 3600 rpm, AC generators single phase and three phase
  • 400 hertz4 kW to 160 kW built to ISO and MIL spec standards
  • Light tower generators from 3.5 kW to 10 kW
  • Marine duty and ABS certified generators
  • Railroad specification generators
  • Welders 2 pole and 4 pole
  • Pancake (space efficient short length) 2-pole and 4-pole generators from 6 kW to 25 kW
Pryco Inc

Pryco, Inc.

Pryco offers a full line of diesel fuel day tanks both UL-142 listed and non-UL listed, diesel fuel pump systems, remote fuel pumping sets, remote fill stations, and controls.

Diesel fuel day tanks UL-142 listed from 5 gallons to 1000 gallons. Day tanks offered can be single wall, full double wall, or single wall with a rupture/leak containment basin

Day tanks can be equipped with standard relay analog logic control systems, FCM Fuel Control and Monitoring microprocessor control system, or “Evolution” PLC based control system.

Remote fuel pump sets can be single, dual, or triple pump/motor units from 2 gpm pump to 62 gpm pumps.

Remote fill stations can be wall mounted or free standing with 2” or 3” Cam Lock fuel fittings.

Pryco also offers battery boxes and battery mounting frames.


Hug Engineering

Over 30 years of experience with DPF Diesel Particulate Filters, Oxidation Catalyst, and SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction, in reducing emissions in stationary, mobile, and marine applications Hug Engineering has a unique level of know-how. This success is based on intensive, targeted R&D and a wide and flexible scope of supply in advanced emissions reduction systems – from standardized modules to customized systems, based on the customers’ specifications and applications legislation. Headquartered in Switzerland with offices around the world we are here to help you.

Thermowrap Removable Insulation Blankets 2

Fiberglass Insulation Blankets/Wraps

Removable 1” or 2” thick Insulation Blankets are used to insulate engine parts, exhaust piping and components, and industrial process piping and machinery.

Blanketing the exposed engine and exhaust components is an important step in meeting the
challenges that come with operating diesel-powered equipment. Once properly insulated, ambient heat is reduced and workers are shielded from burns. A good ventilation system is essential in ensuring that hot air is removed and cooler air is brought in, as well as removing noxious fumes from the mine.

Pollution control equipment, such as catalysts and particulate filters, are essential in removing much of the noxious material before it leaves the exhaust. Proper insulation can even help catalysts burn exhaust pollutants more effectively by maintaining an optimal high exhaust temperature as the exhaust travels along the piping and into the catalyst.

Powertherm Maxim

Powertherm Maxim Vent and Blowdown Silencers

Powertherm Maxim engineers and manufactures Vent and Blowdown silencers for a wide variety of compressed gases ranging from air to superheated steam, reducing the noise associated with venting associated with venting high pressure gas or steam to atmospheric pressure. With more than 125 years of experience in acoustical engineering for the oil & gas and chemical industries, our vent and blowdown silencers are designed to meet the requirements and stringent performance parameters of your application.

Typical applications: natural gas pipeline compression station blowdown, natural gas pipeline maintenance blowdown, compressed gas vents, high pressure superheated steam vents, constant flow safety relief valve and boiler systems.

Features & Options:

  • Variable sound attenuation
  • Carbon or stainless steel construction
  • High heat silicone black or aluminum finish, special paints and finishes available
  • Horizontal or vertical support arrangements
  • Multiple inlet options
  • NPT drain fittings
  • Weatherhood or birdscreen available
  • AMSE Section V!!!, Div. 1 code diffuser
  • Complete range of complimentary accessories available
ACS Avanced Cooling Solutions

Advanced Cooling Systems

Remote horizontal and vertical core remote radiators, remote charge air cooling systems, radiator and charge air cooling modules, drill rig engine cooling modules, and FRAC pumping cooling modules.

ULB Universal Load Banks

ULB Universal Load Banks

50 to 5000 kW, standard digital load controls, state of the art designs, 100 kW suitcase style load bank, 50 – 250 kW portable load banks, 50 – 1,000 kW stationary load banks, trailer mounted load banks, resistive-reactive load banks, and neutral grounding resistors.

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We provide sales and application assistance for engine exhaust silencers and accessories, diesel fuel day tanks and pumping systems, and electrical generators for power generation, data centers, industrial stationary engines, marine propulsion, auxiliary generators, irrigation markets, and fire pumps.

We have many years of experience in these applications and are here to assist you.

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